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Meet Your Electrologist

Jaye is a lifelong resident of Aptos, CA and she is passionate about her community and raising her children in this beautiful place. After achieving degrees in psychology and Law and venturing outside of the area for a short time, she found that while rewarding, these pursuits were not her true passion. She decided to switch gears and find her way on a path trying to help others. She went back to school, and became a California Licensed Electrologist through the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology.


She has struggled with unwanted hair for many years, and she’s personally experienced how the power of electrolysis has been able to help her feel more comfortable in her body. She wants to be able to provide this for her clients as well, working together to help you feel more confident and comfortable. She provides a clean, safe, and understanding, place for your hair removal needs and looks forward to meeting you.

Jaye Randolph


My mission is to empower individuals by offering the most effective and FDA-approved solution for permanent hair removal across all skin and hair types. Through electrolysis, I provide clients with the confidence and freedom to permanently eliminate unwanted hair, ensuring unparalleled results and satisfaction.


My vision is to create a welcoming and secure environment where individuals feel understood and at ease while addressing their hair removal needs. Drawing from personal experiences of enduring unwanted hair, I are committed to showcasing the transformative power of electrolysis. Through my dedication, I aim to instill a profound sense of comfort and confidence in my clients, empowering them to embrace their bodies fully.

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